Slide and Swing Doors

Here’s a clever way way to open up your home into the garden, Everglade’s slide and swing doors. The uniquely flexible PremiFold Slide, Swing, Fold Door can be opened any way you want.


The flexible patio doors

PremiFold slide, swing and folding doors lets you choose where you want your patio doors to open. You can choose open up a few panes to let the fresh air in – or slide back all the door panes to create a wide open space into your garden.

The unique opening of PremiFold slide and swing doors means every panel is moved separately, so its easy and reliable to use, whilst being weather-tight and secure.

The PremiFold slide and swings doors from Everglade Windows can accommodate large spans of glass increasing the views without disturbing your line of sight – and let it more light than ever.

Come and see how PremiFold Slide and Swing doors work in our Greenford showroom.

Endless Configurations

This new technology provides a smooth slide & swing operation meaning all the family can operate them with no difficulty at all.

PremiFold slide and swings doors have no visible hinges and can accommodate double and triple glazed units. In addition, there are no technical limitations as to the number of sashes so you can create a bespoke swing and slide door to suit you and your home’s needs. The PremiFold slide and swing door system comes with PAS 24 accreditation as standard.

Slide and Swing Door Gallery


Colour Options

The PremiFold slide and swings doors come in a big range of colours in stock now so visit our showroom today and see what might look good in your home.


Ultion Security

As standard, the PremiFold slide and swings doors come as PAS 24 certified and are Document Q compliant. This means you can be assured of the security of them, but in case you wanted to take an extra security step, Everglade offer the option of upgrading to the Ultion Lock.

Ultion is the market leader in house security and manufacture one of the safest locks on the marker accredited by the police force, the Master Locksmith Association and Kitemark.


Energy Efficiency

All of Everglade’s windows and doors are manufactured with energy efficiency and performance at their core and the new technology in the PremiFold slide and swings doors is no exception. They are tested rigorously to ensure that they reduce heat loss as much as possible and keep the weather elements at bay.


By installing Kömmerling slide, swing and fold doors and windows with TruFit expanding foam edge tape, we ensure that no heat can be lost from the perimeter of the window. This maintains the energy rating of your windows and doors for better energy efficiency and reduced heating bills.


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