Top 5 features of aluminium windows for Edgeware homes


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of aluminium windows, especially across homes in West London. Modern home transformations have steered away from classic white uPVC windows, with homeowners opting for the contemporary style that aluminium windows offer.

Aluminium windows offer a whole host of benefits, including stunning style, excellent energy efficiency, maintenance and security.

We’ve put together a handy guide to the top five benefits of aluminium windows for Edgeware homes, detailing how they can improve the overall appeal and performance of your property.

1. Aluminium windows offer a contemporary edge, with modern frames

Aluminium windows add a splash of modern luxury to homes.

The frames are super slim and stylish, and often make the most impressive statement when in darker colours such as Anthracite Grey or Black. This adds a sultry, cutting edge appeal to the property.

Aluminium windows look stunning with darker frames, especially as the frames are slimmer. This means there is more glass and less frame, allowing for more sunlight to flood through into the home.

We offer aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows, which includes 4 different styles:

Each style is available in any RAL and dual colour.

Dual colour means that you can choose your external and internal frames in different colours, such as dark externally and light internally.


aïr MOD Heritage aluminium windows are the perfect choice if you’re looking to replace old, narrow framed steel windows or want to achieve an Art Deco style, that’s beautiful, sleek appearance that never seems to go out of date. The steel-look frames are available in any RAL colour, or dual colour with a different shade on the outside to the inside.


aïr  MOD Flush aluminium windows are an impressive high insulation, flush aluminium windows that Everglade Windows have designed and manufacture exclusively. The flush sash, ultra-slim frames and expert engineering give the windows a sleek edge over other choices, and they’re also available in any RAL colour.


2. Aluminium windows will improve the energy efficiency of your home

When replacing your windows, you want to make sure that you’re making a good investment. Aluminium windows in Edgeware are a great investment as they will help you save money on your heating and energy bills with excellent insulation.

aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows feature the latest polyamide thermal barrier technology, creating a thermal transmittance barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside, keeping your home the optimum temperature. Performance is enhanced with the use of double weather sealing too, keeping any draughts out and cold spots at bay.

Insulated aluminium windows

3. High performance aluminium windows mean they’re super easy to maintain

One of the most impressive features of aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows is the long life span they offer.

They require little maintenance, as the frames won’t warp, twist, expand or fade. The frames are sprayed with a durable powder coated colour finish that won’t lose its sheen, and they’re also backed by an extensive guarantee, as all our aluminium windows come with a 10-year guarantee.

This means you can wave goodbye to treating and painting your windows, and will have peace of mind that they will look beautiful for years to come.

Black aluminium windows Edgeware

4. The inherent strength of aluminium windows work to keep your home safe

We understand that security is high priority for homeowners, which is why our aluminium window range comes with high security features, such as a full range of locking and hinge choices.

The inherent strength of aluminium means that our aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows are extremely robust and hard to wear down, working to ensure intruders are kept out.

aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows in Edgeware from Everglade Windows are also Secured by Design accredited. They have been rigorously tested to standards approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers for their security.

High security aluminium windows.

5. The beauty of aluminium windows means that they complement our full aluminium range

Once you’ve chosen aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows, you’ll want to make sure that the rest of the glazing in your property matches.

We have a full range of aïr aluminium glazing, including our aluminium entrance doors and aluminium widespan doors.

To help you make a modern entrance to your home, choose Everglade aïr MOD-Series aluminium doors. This will give your home an improved kerb appeal, working with your aluminium windows to wow passers-by.

Our widespan aluminium door range is ideal for adding contemporary style along with space and light. We offer the most impressive range of bi-fold and lift & slide doors from aïr.

We exclusively manufacture aïr 600LS & 500LS lift & slide doors and aïr 800 bi-fold doors, which offer captivating views and cutting-edge openings and perfectly complement our aïr MOD-Series windows.

Aluminium glazing

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