Fly screens for widespan doors

If you’re thinking about getting widespan bifold or sliding doors installed in your home, we bet you can’t wait to fling them open and enjoy the clear, seamless connection to your garden. Or to glide them open the perfect amount to benefit from optimum levels of ventilation.

Don’t let the idea of unwanted flies and insects spoiling the dream!

The solution? Fly screens for your doors.

Why do my doors need fly screens?

We all know too well how disruptive it can be when a bothersome fly decides to intrude your home – whether you’re indulging in a relaxing lie down, only to hear a familiar buzz by your ear, or tucking into some delicious food and drinks before you realise you have an uninvited, winged party crasher.

Once you have stunning widespan doors in your home, you’ll want to keep them open as much as you can.

Get the best of both worlds with fly screens for your doors.

Fly screens mean you’ll be able to keep your widespan doors open, to enjoy the ventilation, natural sunlight and feeling of open space, without worrying about flies and insects getting inside.

How do fly screens work?

Fly screens are a lightweight addition to bifold or sliding doors, working with the widespan doors to create a seamless feature, neatly folding away easily in a concertina style when opened.

The lightweight nature of the fly screens means they are easy to open, so you can maintain effortless garden access whenever you need to.

Natural sunlight is not compromised with fly screens for your doors, as they have minimal sightlines and slats so the daylight can still shine through.

The slats in the fly screens means optimum levels of ventilation are still achieved as the air can still flow through.

The depth of our fly screen frame is only 31mm, so it does not protrude into the living space.


Which doors are fly screens compatible with?

Our fly screens are compatible with our range of widespan doors, including the aïr range of bifold and lift & slide doors.

You can choose fly screens up to 4.5 metres wide, for even the largest wide-span bifold and lift & slide doors installations.

Where can I get fly screens for my doors?

If you’d like fly screens for your doors, you can get aïr Screens with your bifold or sliding door installation.

For more information, talk to our happy to help team of experts.