Privacy Screens for Widespan Doors

Keep your bi-fold or lift & slide doors open all day long, all year round with privacy screens

Privacy screens can be installed on bi-fold and lift & slide doors as alternatives to blinds, curtains or netting, to add privacy and protection without compromising on style.

The screens mean that there is an extra level of privacy added to the wide openings, so you can enjoy your living space without worrying about being visible to the outside world.

They also allow for your widespan doors to be thrown open all day long, without any unwelcome insects getting into the house. As well as this, they can be left closed when the doors are open meaning you can have privacy and protection along with a much-needed breeze and ventilation.

Privacy screens will give your living space sleeker style

Our privacy screens come with minimal sightlines for a sleek feature. The screens eliminate the need of resorting to blinds or curtains, which can often ruin the illusion of an extension. This gives you full design flexibility for the rest of the room and means you don’t have to worry about finding matching blinds or curtains for the rest of the home.

Privacy screens work with our full widespan door range

The lightweight, seamless style of our privacy screens means that they work with our full range of widespan bi-fold and sliding doors, including the exclusive aïr door collection.

They work by folding away in a concertina style so you can choose just how open or closed you would like them.


See our privacy screens in our Perivale showroom

To see for yourself what our privacy screens would look like on your widespan doors and how they work, take a look at the displays in our Perivale showroom.