Get rid of cold spots with PVCu windows in Harrow and Brent


As the weather worsens and it starts to get darker outside earlier now that we’re well and truly in the winter months, have you noticed your home is feeling more cold and draughty?

Does your home fail to warm up no matter how long for or how high you have the heating on?

Your home may be suffering from cold spots.

Everglade Windows install PVCu windows in Harrow and Brent to eliminate cold spots and keep your home warmer and cosier.

How to check for cold spots

Cold spots are areas in your property where the hot air inside your home is sucked out through a gap or hole, making the area feel colder than the rest of the room.

You can easily test if you have cold spots by simply holding your hand about 30cm away from the window and moving it around until you feel a draught.

Or you could place an incense stick on the window cill and watch to see where the smoke goes. If it travels to a certain part of the window, you can see where your cold spots are.

If you can see that your PVCu windows are suffering from cold spots then that’s a good indication of how effective they are at improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Energy efficiency is really important in homes as the more energy efficient your home is the more money you’ll save on your heating bills.

Everglade can eliminate cold spots in PVCu windows in Brent and PVCu windows in Harrow

We install PVCu windows in Harrow and PVCu windows in Brent that can eliminate cold spots, giving you a cosy home all year round.

Our PVCu windows have achieved an ‘A’ rated energy efficiency status so you can be sure that your home will be warmer with replacement windows from Everglade Windows.

Upgrade your PVCu windows installation using TruFit

You can upgrade your PVCu window to be installed with TruFit®.

TruFit is a great way to reduce cold spots.

TruFit is an expanding foam edge can be installed in PVCu windows in Brent and PVCu windows in Harrow to stop homes losing 23 percent less heat than replacement windows fitted with traditional installation methods. Not only does this help your PVCu windows achieve ‘A’ rated energy efficiency, but TruFit makes for a cleaner and quicker installation too.

PVCu windows to suit any Harrow or Brent home

We have a range of energy efficient PVCu windows for Brent and Harrow homes that will eliminate cold spots as well as add the perfect style you’re after.

Everglade Windows offer Kömmerling PVCu windows to keep homes warmer in the winter, coming in two different styles.

The Kömmerling O70 has an ovolo profile with a decorative frame, perfect if you’re searching for PVCu windows that will add character to your traditional home.

If you’re looking to give your home a modern edge, our Kömmerling C70 chamfered profile PVCu windows are a great option. The sleek and straight cut frames give clean lines for a contemporary look.

For a more charming feature, Everglade offers a classic sash horn window, ideal if you’re looking for traditional style PVCu windows in Brent with modern practicality. The horns are integral to window sashes for an authentic, appearance whilst the window sashes come with top of the range opening facilities to allow for easy openings and cleaning from the inside.

For a timeless period look, choose Georgian PVCu windows in Harrow which feature a bar design, giving the look of smaller individual glass panes without compromising the energy efficiency.


If you want to prevent cold spots in your home with our thermally insulated and energy efficient windows, get in touch with Everglade Windows by calling 020 8108 7162.