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The Great British Summertime is loved like no other time of year. We get more excited by reaching over 20 degrees Celsius than we ever have about putting Christmas lights out or receiving Valentine’s gifts.

There’s nothing like it. We love the long days, warm weather and of course the superb sunshine.

The summer opens up a world of possibilities for us & we can spend more time with family and friends and we come to appreciate the little things in life, like sitting out in the garden with a cold drink or lounging inside where you know the sunlight always floods in.

It’s during the warmer months that you come to realise how much you want your home to make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer.

You don’t want to feel like you’re cooped up indoors without easy access to the garden or any natural daylight, and you come to realise how important your windows and doors are in this.

Large glass windows with slim frames and stunning widespan doors let the light flood in and give homes an open plan, spacious feel and look great while doing so.

More glass, less frame to make the most of the sunlight

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Windows are a key feature in every home that shouldn’t be overlooked. Choosing the right windows will mean that you can appreciate the natural light in your home all year round.

Add a beautiful amount of sunlight to every room and you’ll transform your living space into a more inviting place to be.

The window of choice for Perivale homeowners looking to add more light are aluminium windows.

Our aluminium windows have been expertly manufactured with sleek, slim frames, and as aluminium is inherently strong, the frames are able to support larger glazed areas.

Not only does this look beautiful during the summer months, but it makes the most of the winter sun too.

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Widespan doors, such as bifold and sliding doors, are increasingly being used across full walls, creating moveable walls of glass. This means that an entire room is flooded with natural sunlight.

The most impressive bifold and sliding doors on the market, aïr, offer boundless amounts of light.

We exclusively manufacture aïr doors at our Perivale HQ, making the slimline doors with minimal sightlines and large glazed areas for a truly captivating feature.

aïr 800 bifold doors feature sightlines as slim as 108mm, while aïr 500LS & 600LS lift & slide doors boast sightlines as slim as 48mm. For the sleekest frames, aïr 20SL minimal frame sliding doors offer sightlines as slim as 20mm.

More glass and less frame is achieved with aïr bifold doors as you can opt for up to 10 door panels, which can be 1.2 metres wide and 3 metres high.

aïr lift & slide doors are available up to 2.5 metres wide and 2.7 metres high for stunning sunny views, while aïr sliding doors can be 1.5 metres wide and 2.8 metres high.

Choosing aïr means that more light can shine into your home all year round, illuminating your living space with natural light and providing you with an ever-changing backdrop to complete your décor.

Open up your home to your garden

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Impressive glazing will give you stunning views of your garden, making it more tempting for you to venture outside and spend more time in the great outdoors.

Bifold doors make it easier for you to enjoy your garden as they fold away in concertina style to provide an entirely open space and a clear connection to the outdoors.

Sliding doors effortlessly glide away with ease, and our exclusive aïrglide technology and stainless steel rollers mean that the doors, which can weigh up to 300kg, can be opened with just 2 fingers.

This allows for seamless access to the garden so you can enjoy al fresco dining, garden parties, fun in the sun with your family and much more without having to worry about so many people entering the garden through a small back door.

Widespan doors merge indoor and outdoor living, meaning you make the most of your garden space as it acts as an extension to your living space.

It also means that you can add the perfect amount of ventilation into your home. Open the doors fully in the summer when it’s lovely and warm, and open them just the right amount during the cooler months for some fresh air without too much of a cold draught.

Transform the look of your home

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New windows are the best way to add kerb appeal to your home and revamp your property’s style.

The most popular windows in Perivale are uPVC windows. Our uPVC window range, One Collection, offers beautiful style and versatility to upgrade your home to your individual tastes.

Featuring either curved Ovolo or sleek chamfered frames and a choice of casement, tilt & turn, sash, Georgian or bay & bow styles, you can choose to tailor your windows to suit the style you are trying to achieve.

One Collection even features flush sash uPVC windows, which are great for replicating timber. This is the ideal choice if you’re replacing wooden windows but would like to preserve the charm and character. One Collection Flush windows also give a stunning contemporary finish to modern homes, especially in colours like Anthracite Grey and Black.

One Collection uPVC windows are also available in 26 colourways, including woodgrain finishes for authentic elegance. There’s no need to worry about your windows matching your interior décor with One Collection as you can choose dual colour frames that are a different colour on the outside and inside.

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Aluminium windows add contemporary style thanks to the modern, sleek frames.

Choose from our MOD Series aluminium windows for a clean and crisp aesthetic, or for Art Deco, steel replacement style windows.

Aluminium window frames can be designed in any RAL colour, giving you full design flexibility. This means that you can match your aluminium windows with your aluminium bifold and sliding doors, which are also available in any RAL colour.

aïr bifold and sliding doors offer extreme style like no other. Many homeowners in Perivale choose these doors as they add a new dimension to every living space they are featured in, giving homes a standout feature that will look impressive for years to come.

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