Let the outside in and keep the insects out with wide-span door screens


The summer brings everything that we love, warm weather, a chance to use the garden and lots of natural daylight.

There’s nothing like being able to walk around the house with a light summer breeze running through your living space and feeling the sun rays shine down onto you and your glistening furniture. It’s a great chance to welcome friends and family into your home for some summer fun in the garden, with sunny barbeques and twilight drinks, as well as children’s playtime.

Bifold and lift & slide doors are a superb choice if you’re looking to ventilate your home, add boundless light, create a seamless connection to your garden, and inject enviable, captivating style.

However, if you’re worried about dressing your wide-span doors, stopping insects from getting inside and keeping an optimum level of privacy, we have the perfect solution.

Aïr privacy and insect screens for wide-span doors are the ideal way to finish your bifold or lift & slide feature.

The sleek and minimal screens are installed over your bifold or lift & slide doors to offer the right level of protection and can be effortlessly folded away in a concertina style should you want.

Dress your wide-span doors with impeccable style


Wide-span doors are often too stunning to be paired with blinds or curtains, which can often ruin the illusion of an extended, open plan space that bifold and lift & slide doors bring.

Aïr screens add to the sleek style of wide-span doors thanks to their slim sightlines and seamless design.

With aïr screens, you have full flexibility for the rest of the room as they are minimalistic enough to complement any interior design and colour scheme.

Don’t let unwanted flies and insects ruin your summer

insect screens widespan doors

We’ve all had that moment when we’re relaxing indoors with a chilled drink or ice cream, and suddenly you hear a shrill scream and a frantic scramble, a fly or wasp has intruded inside.

When you have beautiful bifold or lift & slide doors in your home, you want to be able to have them thrown open at all times and not worry about flies or insects entering your house.

With aïr screens, you can keep your doors flung open to enjoy the summer breeze, outdoor connection and natural sunlight without any worry.

The screens have been designed to encourage ventilation as they have slats in them which the air can flow through. They are also lightweight and easy to use to maintain the effortless entrance out to the garden. The minimal sightlines and sleek style of our aïr screens mean that they allow the daylight to shine through and complement the stunning style of our wide-span doors.

Keep your home as your private space

privacy screens widespan door

The uninterrupted walls of glass of wide-span doors offers your home open plan living, an illuminated living space and garden access.

If you’d like the benefits wide-span doors bring, but are looking for an extra level of privacy, aïr screens are ideal.

They mean that you can give the impression of an extended and contemporary living space, let the sunlight in and make the most of the garden, all the while offering excellent privacy from the outside world.

This strikes the perfect balance, as your screens can be closed all day while you take advantage of what bifold and lift & slide doors bring.

If you’re installing bifold or lift & slide doors in your project, find out more about aïr screens from Everglade


If you’d like to complete your wide-span door feature with privacy and insect screens, get in touch with Everglade Windows.

The sleek screens work perfectly with our wide-span aluminium door range, which includes the exclusive aïr collection, of 800 bifold doors and 500LS & 600LS lift & slide doors, as well as our CF68 bifold doors.

To see a working example of our aïr privacy and insect screens and picture how they would look in your home, visit our Perivale showroom. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am-5:30pm.

Alternatively, you can find out more by getting in touch with us via filling in a contact form online.