aïr MOD Tilt & Turn Aluminium Windows

aïr MOD Tilt & Turn aluminium windows will offer your home a low maintenance, functional feature that’s easy to operate and offers impressive style.

If you’re looking for a window that offers form as well as function, choose aïr MOD Tilt & Turn aluminium windows.

We’ve exclusively designed these windows to offer you easy cleaning, easy operation and an easy life!

The special way our Tilt & Turn windows open means that you can use your windows to suit your needs, as the clever design can either turn fully inwards or tilt slightly to open.

The turn option means the aluminium window can be fully opened from the side, inwards for easy cleaning and wide openings.

It also means they don’t take up much room outside, ideal if you have limited outdoors space, such as pathways down the side of the house.

The tilt function allows the window to be tilted open from the top. This way, you can keep your home ventilated all year round, without worrying about leaving the windows wide open.

Our tilt & turn aluminium windows are a great choice for apartments or flats thanks to the versatile, space-saving and safe opening options.

The sleek aluminium frames give your home a stylish, cutting-edge feature that will let in boundless amounts of light while looking brand new for years to come, as using aluminium ensures the windows won’t rot, rust, distort, warp or fade.

Tilt & Turn Aluminium Windows

Colour Options

The options are endless with aïr MOD Tilt & Turn aluminium windows. You can choose your windows in any RAL colour, and you can choose dual colour – a different colour on the outside and inside of the frames.

Energy Efficiency

Keep your home at optimum temperatures and ensure energy efficiency with aïr MOD Tilt & Turn aluminium windows. The expertly engineered frames create a thermal barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside, keeping your home the perfect temperature all year round and reducing your heating bills.


We know how important it is to keep your West London home safe, which is why our aïr MOD Tilt & Turn aluminium windows are made with security in mind. They feature shootbolt locks and the Guardian hinge protection system for added peace of mind and are Secured by Design as standard.

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